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It's Cold Outside, There's no Kind of Atmosphere [Updated]

A proper Red Dwarf series last graced our airwaves in the Spring of 1999. It would then go on to be another 10 years until we got to see Lister, Rimmer, Kyrten and Cat when the popular UK Freeview channel Dave would bring it back for a 3-part mini-series.

This instalment was well-received (if you discount the die-hard fans who won't touch anything past the Grant-Naylor era; that is...) and became one of the most watched Freeview programmes of all-time; earning 4-million viewers for 'Part One'. Shortly after it was rumoured that Dave were going to commission a further series.

Throughout 2011 various members of the cast (Notably Craig Charles and Chris Barrie) let out small bits of information about the next series of Red Dwarf; and it was finally comfirmed via UKTV (Dave) on 10th April that the new series would be coming.

On November the 11th it was posted on The Official Red Dwarf Website that Series 10 (stylized as Series X) was to begin filming in December this year and January 2012 and that it would be filmed in-front of a live audience!

And guess who's applied for tickets to see it broadcast live? *big grin*

It will be interesting to see how much of the plot leaks out onto the net over the coming months.

Lucky me! 4 tickets for the 13th January Showing!

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