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Realex Test Card Details

As a follow up to my hit article regarding Sagepay Test Cards. Please find my latest and greatest article which provides test credit card and test debit cards for the Realex and GlobalIris Payment Gateways.

426397000000526200 - Successful
4000120000001154101 - Declined
4000130000001724102 - Referral B
4000160000004147103 - Referral A
4009830000001985200 - Comms Error
542523000000441500 - Successful
5114610000004778101 - Declined
5114630000009791102 - Referral B
5121220000006921103 - Referral A
5135020000005871200 - Comms Error
American Express
37410100000060800 - Successful
3754 2500 0003101 - Declined
375425000000907102 - Referral B
343452000000306103 - Referral A
372349000000852200 - Comms Error
3D Secure
4012001038443335Cardholder Not Enrolled ECI 6 **
4012001038488884Unable to Verify Enrolment ECI 7 **
4012001036298889Invalid response from Enrolment Server ECI 7 **
4012001036853337Enrolled but invalid response from ACS ECI 7 **
4012001037141112Successful Authentication ECI 5 **
4012001037167778Authentication Attempt Acknowledged ECI 6 **
4012001037461114Incorrect Password entered ECI 7 **
4012001037484447Authentication Unavailable ECI 7 **
4012001037490006Invalid Response from ACS

Points to note:

Only VISA cards can be used for 3D Secure testing. These don't require passphrases - the test system will automatically fill in the passphrase and all the necessary information. It will then ask you to press a button to continue.

* Refers to whether the particular 3D Secure Scenario offers the merchant additional protection in the event of chargeback. Merchants should always check with their acquiring bank regarding their own rules around 3D Secure and chargebacks. By default, the Hosted Payment Page is configured to block any transactions that do not afford the merchant a shift in liability. If you are using the API integration, you will need to handle this process flow. Please see the Realex Payments developer guides for more information.

** The E-commerce Indicator, for more information, please see the Realex Payments developer guides. In some scenarios, for example scenario 01, the ECI is not returned directly by Realex Payments, however, the appropriate ECI value must be submitted in the subsequent authorisation request in order for the transaction to be considered 3D Secure. Please see the Realex Payments developer guides for more information.

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