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Black Friday Comes To the UK (Again)

"Black Friday; the day that follows thanksgiving and traditionally marks the start of the Xmas Shopping season."

If you're American - you probably already knew that, and you probably knew that on this day the stores go crazy slashing prices to tempt consumers in. Here in Britain however its a more sobre affair and would pass by as just another Friday. That is.. until Amazon brought it over to us last year!

I remember the buzz in the office... everyone sitting there.. waiting for the a Wii to be released at £50... and then I remember the disappointment when no one actually got it in their cart.

Anyway - this year - Amazon are bringing it to our shores again - from the 21st to the 25th of November Amazon are going to go crazy slashing prices (for one day only) for the festive season!

Last year my haul included a Corination Street Box Set... and erm... that was it (not for lack of trying).

I'll keep you posted on what I don't get this year :(

Keep an eye out... - Amazon UK.

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